Analyst Coverage

Investment Bank Analyst Email
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Robert Cheng
BOCOM International Chris Yim
China Construction Bank International Ronnie Ho
China International Capital Group (CICC) Huichen Yan
Citigroup Carrie Liu
CLSA Sebastian Hou
Credit Suisse Jerry Su
Daiwa Steven Tseng
Fubon Securities Arthur Liao
GF Securities Jeff Pu
Goldman Sachs Verena Jeng
Guotai Junan Gin Yu
HSBC Securities Frank Lee
JP Morgan Securities Albert Hung
Morgan Stanley Howard Kao
Nomura Donnie Teng
UBS Alice Chen

Recommendation by Analysts on Lenovo

Last updated on November 25, 2019

Lenovo Group Limited is currently covered by the above analysts. This analyst list may not be complete and is subject to change from time to time. Please note that any opinions made by these analysts regarding Lenovo Group Limited's performance are their own opinions and do not represent those of Lenovo Group Limited and its management. The list of analysts who follow Lenovo Group Limited is for convenience and informational purposes only. Lenovo Group Limited does not imply its endorsement of their independent opinions, nor provides any investment advice. Interested parties should contact the analysts directly for more information/opinions on Lenovo Group Limited.